How to do Cool Things With Your Kids (for Dads)


What dads often miss about connecting with their kids (and especially their sons)…

It’s not about the time that you spend (although that’s important).

It’s about the quality of the time that you, as Dad, spend with them.

Here are 20 easy activities you can do to spend the quality time that will build memories… memories of them and you really, truly, connecting.




Are you really connecting with your son/daughter? How?

Imagine having a huge resource (20 amazing and easy-to-do activities) with in-depth, step-by-step instructions. What if these really helped you to build meaningful and lasting memories with your children?

Not only will you get the activities that you can do with a son or fun daddy-daughter dates, but you will get the understanding of why and how these activities help you to build meaningful memories together.

From 2 year olds and 3 year olds to teenage daughters and sons, you’re about to have a shortcut guide to being be a better father to your son or daughter.

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