How to Get Started With BitCoin


In addition to buying and selling BitCoins, this BitCoin guide covers questions like:

  • How do you get bitcoins for free
  • how do you earn bitcoins, and
  • how do you mine for Bitcoins

And it’s not just bitcoins to think about.  There are (at present) more than 1,000 types of alternative coins (or “altcoins”) that you can buy, sell, mine, and trade.  We cover it all in this ebook, including links to the most helpful YouTube videos for getting all the basic and advanced skills for buying and selling BitCoin and AltCoins.



You can easily get started with BitCoin.

If you’re new to BitCoin and the AltCoins world, this guide is for you.

If you’re just started and an amateur at the game of BitCoins and AltCoins, this guide is also for you.

(If you’re already well experienced in the world of BitCoin, our avanced BitCoin guide is due to be out later this year.  Otherwise, read on!)


bitcoin how to get started with bitcoin“What Is BitCoins?”

Someone recently emailed and asked this question.  It’s much more grammatically correct to ask “What ARE BitCoins”.

But being asked the question in this way, it was interesting for us to note…

We didn’t yet have a guide about BitCoin/BitCoins on ShowMeHowToDothis.

(We have been playing in the Bitcoin space for a while now.  We’ve even made some free videos about BitCoin.  But with the videos we had made, we didn’t even realize that a guide was needed.)

But clearly, someone asking “What is bitcoins”, gives us a clear idea that there are plenty of people who don’t understand or know the BitCoin world at all.

A quick answer…

In short, to get started with BitCoin, here’s the most basic part to understand.

BitCoin is a form of currency, just like a US Dollar, a British Pound, a Euro, or a Japanese Yen.

how to get started with bitcoin (Bitcoin is NOT a physical currency.)

Unlike USD or EUR or Japanese Yen, Bitcoin is NOT a physical currency. That’s the most basic thing to understand when you want to get started with BitCoin.

Where the US Dollar is labeled USD, a BitCoin’s symbol is BTC.

Unlike the Dollar, pound, or Yen, (and unlike what’s shown in the picture on this page), BitCoins are not physical currency.

BitCoin (and other AltCoins) are DIGITAL currency.

This means that there’s not really a “physical” form” of curency called a BitCoin.


You’re going to learn, starting in chapter 1, about what BitCoins are.

You’ll also learn in chapter one (with step-by-step instructions), how to sign up for an account that will let you purchase Bitcoin.

Once you’ve established that…


Chapter 2 is going to cover questions like:

How to get a BitCoin wallet, and how to use a BitCoin wallet


Chapter 3: All about the money

How to add money to a bitcoin wallet,
How to buy bitcoins with cash, and
How to get bitcoins for free (or for a small amount of work)


Chapter 4: Alternative ways of buying BitCoins

  • how to get bitcoins with paypal
  • How to buy BitCoin with a Credit Card
    (This is updated for this year!
    New rules have come into play regarding using credit cards to make AltCoin purchases.)
  • How to trade other AltCoins for BitCoin
    (and vice-versa)