How To Use Kettlebells for Training And Fat Loss


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how to use kettlebells for workouts and fat lossYou’ll Find Out Exactly How to Use Kettlebells to Blast Away the Fat and Get Into the Best Shape of Your Life!

  • Why aerobic training (like running) is not the most effective way to lose fat – and why it can even backfire and leave you smaller but flabby!
  • What HIIT is and why it’s the absolute best cardio option for burning fat!
  • The right way to do HIIT (most people get this all wrong – no wonder they don’t get good results)!
  • 9 surprising reasons why strength training with kettlebells is an absolute must for any woman or man who wants to burn fat and get lean!
  • New to kettlebell training? We’ll start at the beginning with safety tips, choosing the right kettlebell, what footwear you need and much more!
  • You’ll get complete instructions and illustrations showing the proper way to do 18 different kettlebell exercises (including the Turkish Get Up, Kettlebell Swings, Hand to Hand Snatch and many more)!
  • You’ll get a proven and complete eight-week workout plan created by a Hardstyle Kettlebell Certified Coach – you’ll get sets, reps, and other details – nothing is left out!

You’ll Get a Complete Set of Exercise Videos Which Shows You Exactly How to Use a Kettlebell to Melt the Fat From Your Body…

You’ll get 20 short gym videos which show you exactly how to do 18 kettlebell exercises plus two important flexibility exercises – now you’ll have great form which equals great results!

Just look at the videos you’ll get instant access to when you buy now:

  • KB Clean
  • DBL KB Front Squat
  • KB Deadlift
  • KB Goblet Squat
  • KB Hand to Hand Snatch
  • Learning the Rack with KB
  • KB Press
  • KB Rack Walk
  • KB Hand to Hand Swing
  • KB Single Arm Deadlift
  • KB Snatch
  • KB Suitcase Carry
  • KB Swing
  • KB Rack
  • Turkish Get Up Practice
  • Turkish Get up with KB
  • Over head walk (or Waiters walk) with KB
  • Plank
  • Hip Flexor Stretches
  • And More!